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Shop Policies

Includes all information regarding Retainers, cancellations/rebookings and touch ups.

Please note these are for the whole of the studio but your artist may have others in place. Please speak with them before the tattoo appointment if you have any questions

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-A retainer must be left in order to hold an appointment date. Retainers  go towards correspondence time over emails or phone, prepping, researching and designing the tattoo and holding that eloted time for the specific date. Your artist will let you know what there minimum retainer is.


-Multiple retainers may be needed to book multiple appointments,


-the retainer left is NON REFUNDABLE no matter the circumstances. Retainers are Not Transferable to any other date , time, project or person!n the Case of an emergency or illness only  we can transfer that deposit to a new date.

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**We understand that life can happen and sometimes it's not an emergency that needs to reschedule an appointment. 

Some artists are booking a few months in advance, and if your unsure about your availability that far please let your artist know. As with enough notice they may be able to accommodate a change***


as stated above a Retainer is specific to that date and time booked,

in the case of emergency or illness, Please call your artist right away, and the retainer and appointment day can be transferred.

In the case of a non emergency, if enough time is given

up to your artist if retainer is transferred .

-Multiple requests for rebooking  will result in loss of retainer for that specified date and a new one will be required to hold a new date

-If you No Show an appointment, retainer for that day will be lost and required to pay In full for the next session.

Multiple Missed appointments will result in a cancellation of all future appointments and we will not be working with you at the studio

Arriving Late to a an appointment with no notice MAY result in cancellation and Loss of Retainer 

**Time Is Important, we do our best at the studio to Respect  yours so please respect our Artists.**

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We want to make sure that your tattoo looks amazing! Once its all finished a touch up may be required, but not always the case. We ask you talk with your artists to see what may be needed, if  at all.

 Most touch ups if done within the first year from completing your piece  are done without any charge.

Touch up requests over a year after your tattoo will require a setup fee. Setup fees differ per your artists and per length of time from completing the final session.

Touch ups needed due to negligence on the clients part and not following aftercare, will be charged at artists full hourly rate.


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