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Your Tattoo Has Been applied using the highest quailty products. We Use and highly Recommned using HART and HAMILTON Tattoo butter and Wash To give your tattoo the best heal.


Strictly Following our actercare process will ensure the best healing results for your tattoo.


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At the studio we Use second skin products  ( saniderm, hypafix) to help fast track your healing with minimal issues and best results. 


Once applied to the area , you are to wear your bandage for 24-72 Hours before Removing.  

If any weeping or Pooling is occurring under the bandage please do not leave on for more than 48 HOURS. IF for any reason the bandage isn't staying on, full of fluid or causing any major discomfort please remove immediately and start aftercare


*These bandages can be left on for longer  (up to a week) to insure full healing. Keep on for the week ONLY IF your artist has instructed to do so.   If not  please keep on only for 24-48 hours.*


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When it is time to remove your bandage , do so in the shower.  Be careful with the water directly hitting the tattoo it can be sensitive, using your hand to gently wash is reccomened.


Using  UNSCENTED soap and water , you want to help loosen the edges of the Bandage. (dove, ivory, dial etc) Please note these bandages have adhesive to them,  It can take time to Have the bandage loosen.


Once the bandage has started to lift up by the corners,  slowly stretch the bandage away from the skin to release.  It may take some time, so be gentle and patient.. can continue using soap and water to help ease the bandage off.

When the bandage is fully removed, clean away any dried fluid that may have accumulated on the tattoo.  Please just use your hand and plain unscented soap no cloths. At this stage we highly recommend using the hart and Hamilton Tattoo wash we stock at the studio. 

Once the area is cleaned , rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.

After 12-24 hours  from bandage removal ( once the tattoo starts to feel tight dry and itchy) you may start applying Lotion. can apply 2 to 3 times a day for the next few weeks while healing.We recommend using the Tattoo butter we supply but anything PLAIN and UNSCENTED is fine. 

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Your Tattoo will take a Minimum 4- 6 weeks to Heal fully.  It is normal for a tattoo to be swollen or tender a day or two after the intital session.

During this time we ask you take as much care as possible, being gentle with the area, and keeping it clean. 


Once the bandage has been removed , and the tattoo has been cleaned and dried , do not apply any dressing back over! it's time for the tattoo to start its  healing process , only thing to be applied now is lotion 



Use only the after care given or instructed by your artist.  No scented lotions/creams or oils. No vaseline, neosporin or polysporin is needed to heal your tattoo. NO TANNING LOTION OR OILS WHILE HEALING!



Only showers while healing are fine, 

No baths ,hot tubs, no swimming or soaking in pools, lakes, rivers ETC. 



Your fresh tattoo must stay out of the sun for 4-6 weeks until fully healed and all silverskin is gone. Direct sunlight or a burn can have significant damage to the healing tattoo.  We highly recommend UV sleeves for the summer months!

Sunscreen can be applied after tattoo is fully healed but please note sun exposure on a freshly healed tattoo can still cause fading quickly , best to keep out of the hot sun the first year!



Please no working out /activities that cause excessive sweating for a least the first 4 day. Sweat can irritate the area  and depending on the area the repetitive motion with working out can cause irritation to the area


Your tattoo is going to scab and peel , that is a normal part of healing but  Refrain from any scratching /picking/peeling your tattoo.. When those scabs or flakes are ready to come off they will come off on their own. Peeling or scratching theses areas can result in poor healing with possibilities of scarring and loss of ink. 

If that tattoo is itchy please apply lotion or gently pat the area. 

Please NO SHAVING over a healing tattoo.

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